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Gerry Leisman <> 15 agosto 2007 21:38
A: fierro <*******>, *********
Cc: Paul Koch ********

Hi Filippo,
Thanks for your interest.
If you send me your address, I will mail you a reprint of the 1996 paper. In the meantime, please find the attached reprints of other papers.
Gerry Leisman

fierro <*******>, wrote:
Dear Prof. Leisman,
I would be very pleased to receive the reprints of your papers Leisman G, Koch P.
Synaptic strengthening and continuum activitywave growth in temporal sequencing during cognitive tasks.
Int J Neurosci. 2003 Feb;113(2):181204.
Koch P, Leisman G.
Effect of local synaptic strengthening on global activitywave growth in the hippocampus.
Int J Neurosci. 2001 Aug;108(12):
Koch P, Leisman G.
Wave theory of largescale organization of cortical activity.
Int J Neurosci. 1996 Sep;86(34): 17996.
I work in TMS field and I’m very interested in your work.
I would grateful if you will send reprints to both these e.mail addresses: 
Thank you very much
Filippo Brighina

to Bonafede


"Leisman, Gerry" <********>



Paul Koch <********>


16/08/2007 16:27

The answer is absolutely yes for many reasons, one, my research partner Paul Koch, lives half the year in Tuscany ( I am copying him on this) and I, for half the year, a little further away near Haifa Israel. Secondly I have been working on time organisation in cognitive applications for a very long time and some of the applications areas have include functional organisation and functional disconnection syndromes measured neurophysiologically in applications as diverse as autism and dyslexia - with my interest being neither but rather self-organising systems.

I am attaching some recent work - whilst not directly related to what you are doing - should throw some light on my thinking.   

Be well and I hope to hear from you soon.   


Best wishes,


Gerry Leisman


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Gerry Leisman, MD, PhD, C.Psychol.

Director & Professor

F.R. Carrick Institute for Clinical Ergonomics,

Rehabilitation, and Applied Neuroscience

Leeds Metropolitan University

Professor, University of Haifa

516-902-9699 [USA]




From: ******* [mailto:*******]
Sent: Thu 8/16/2007 09:11
To: Leisman, Gerry
Subject: concentric waves - collaboration

dear Dr. Gerry Leisman
I know you because two days ago I wos
searching this keywords in internet: concentric waves neuron

I found the abstract of:
Authors: Gerry Leisman ; Paul Koch

Reading the abstract I thought that your
"Neural continuum theory" is the same
hypotesis of "time valves" described in
my book "Physics of mind", that you can
download at this address:

Do you know my book?
I work in a centre for public mental healt in Cefalù near Palermo ( Sicily )
but with my friend Dr. Filippo Brighina ( Neurological Department -  University of
Palermo ) have made some test of cutaneus perception about my "time valves"
hypotesis. At moment we are going on a reformulation of experimental set and
have some instrumental problems.
Please let me know if youare you interested in a collaboration.

best regards
Marco Bonafede

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