Need help from scientists

in January 2018 an Italian court acquitted the accusation of Plagio Mr. Koch Paul Allen because "the fact is not a crime."  Only Gerry Leisman was convicted of the plagiarism of my book "Physics of Mind".

The court believed the version provided by Koch and a statement by Gerry Leisman that Koch wrote only a small part of the article "Synaptic strengthening and continuum activity-wave growth in temporal sequencing during cognitive tasks" (2003). 
According to the Italian court, a scientific article would not be a unitary manifestation of thought but the sum of individual passages, whose authorship can be attributed many years after publication.

But the article "Synaptic strengthening and continuum activity-wave growth in temporal sequencing during cognitive tasks" is not only a case of plagiarsm, it also contains false information and false data. The article is a scientific scam.

A - pag. 181  FALSE:   the State of New York department of Health  denied that it had ever funded the research of Leisman and Koch
B - pag.193  FALSE:  images are NOT "consistent in fMRI-  and PET basede result" but they are drawn from the book "Physics of Mind",  and are only explicative of a theoretical hypothesis, without any reference to experimental data.

Mistakes made in copying:
C - Pag. 183, line n. 23 ‘following illustration’: which one? While there is an illustration in
the original "Physics of Mind" ( both in italian than in english traslation )

D - Pag 186, line 24 ‘Then these thalamic neurons’.
Here ‘these’ can not be used as the line with the neurons as its subject is missing.
E - Pag. Pag 195, 196,  si, mj ‘located between si and mj, with his concavity toward mj’
In reality, to be consistent with the figures, wethey should have written  s2 and m2.

F - 8 March 2010  Gerry Leisman declared that Paul Koch wrote only the "Waves in neural continuum" section.  Gerry Leisman knew that plagiarism had been discovered since August 2007

- I need the help of the international scientific community who can study this article as text and as content and show that it is not possible to distinguish the responsibilities of the two signatories.

- I need to show that the article contains such violations of the scientific ethics that both authors necessarily had to be aware of.

- I need to know if in 2002 all the international scientific journals before publishing an article needed a declaration from the authors that they assumed the authorship of the article. 

- Generally when a case of plagiarism is discovered, do authors pay compensation to the publishing house to whom they have given the rights?

This information is important because with this decision of the Italian court, despite having been the victim of plagiarism, I risk being sentenced to pay the costs of proceedings.

You can find the retration notice here: retractiondatabase 

You can find "Physics of Mind" here: amazon

You can find the article in pdf here:

Have fun with this anatomy of plagiarism.
Every help is welcome, but I need documentation

Marco Bonafede 
February 2018

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