Gerry Leisman likes fraud

I was referred to this link  
that reports misconduct of Gerry Leisman many years ago.
Should we believe what Leisman says in 2017?

NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 45, December 23, 1994

The Division of Research Investigations (DRI) of the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) reviewed an investigation conducted by the New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) into possible scientific misconduct on the part of Gerald Leisman, Ph.D., formerly Director of Research and Institutes at NYCC.
ORI found that Dr. Leisman committed scientific misconduct by misrepresenting his academic credentials and professional experience and awards in a grant application (T32 AR07564-01A1) for Public Health Service (PHS) research funds submitted on December 29, 1988. Based upon information obtained by ORI during its oversight review, the ORI found that Dr. Leisman falsely claimed:
(1) to have earned an M.D. degree from the University of Manchester (Manchester, England) in 1972; (2) to have held the position of Professor, Neurology and Biomedical Engineering, Harvard University Medical School (June 1982 to January 1987); and (3) to have been awarded inventorship or co-inventorship of 13 U.S. Patents.”


Research: Financial costs and personal consequences of research misconduct resulting in retracted publications

"Censure by the ORI usually results in a severe decrease in productivity, in many
cases causing a permanent cessation of publication. However the exceptions are
instructive. Of 35 faculty ORI cases analyzed in the Web of Knowledge, five actually
published more articles per year after an ORI report than before: Raphael Stricker (22), 
Gerald Leisman (23), Oscar Rosales (24), Ruth Lupu (25), and Alan Landay (26)."
 Leisman has since 1994 changed his signature on scientific articles
 from Gerald Leisman to Gerry Leisman. ( see Reserchgate )
A plagiarism case (2003)
Another plagiarism case (1990)
Biomechanics of head Injury” written by Gerald ( Gerry ) Leisman and Drew Demann on Int J Neurosci. 1990 Sep;54(1-2):101-17.
Retraction on Int J Neurosci. 1993 Dec;73(3-4):307
It appears now that authors copied verbatim portions of dr. Werner Goldsmiths‘ work that originally appared in Biomechanics: its Foundaction and Objectives.
In the same year 1990  Leisman, Demann and Koch published the article 
"Biomagnetism, Big Science, Political Science, and Fisticuffs" 
on   International Journal of Neuroscience together with other authors 

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       Need help from scientists
February 2018 

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