Operation Phoenix - Photostory

Berlin, April 1945

Adolf Hitler

Eva Braun

Martin Borman

Lebensborn insignia

Lebensborn Hospital

Nazi mothers

Nazi ceremony

Dr. Gregor Ebner

Dr. Werner Haase

Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Sicherheitsdienst insignia

Skorzeny and Hitler 

Skorzeny and Mussolini

Battle of the Bulge

American prisoners

Captured nazi commando


101 Airborne insignia

Defense of Bastogne - 101 Airborne

Minister Albert Speer




V2 rocket

Captured Werner von Braun

Operation Paperclip

 Hanna Reitsch

Hitler, Goering and Hanna Reitsch

Fiesler Fi 156 "Storch"

Robert Ritter von Greim

Arado Ar 96

Heinrich Himmler

 Hitler last days

The fall

Soviet troops

Berlin may 1945


U-977 - Mar del Plata naval base

True route

 Markus Wolf and Herbert Geßner, Berliner Rundfunks, 1947

 Hitler and Francisco Franco

División Azul
Waffen SS

Dr. Josef Mengele 

 Adolf Eichmann

 Werner von Braun and Hanna Reitsch

Cuban revolution

 Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos

 José López Quesada

Miguel Arocena

 The Dragon Egg

La Habana 1945

 Meyer Lansky

 Lucky Luciano

Amedeo Barletta

New York 1945

New York, June 1946

  Operation Phoenix insignia

President Kennedy and Secretary of Defense McNamara

Cuban Missile crisis

Nikita Kruscev

Jurij Andropov

 Markus Wolf

KGB insignia

SVR insignia

 New York 2016

 Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016

November 2016: could Adolf Hitler’s son become 
the new President of the United States of America?

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